Written exam

Learn tips and tricks on how to prepare and practice for the final exam.

Physical Agility

Being prepared is key to passing the physical agility test. Just being “fit” isn’t going to cut it.

Oral Interview

This is the chance for you to make a real impression. Here are things to know beforehand.

Medical Exam

Prior to your employment, you will need to have an extensive medical exam with a physician.


Psychological exam

The purpose of this exam is to determine the applicant’s mental fitness for this job.

Polygraph Exam

Your honesty is imperative. This will examine your ability to be truthful.

Background Investigation

As the final step, the background investigation will take a deep dive into your life.

Personal History Statement

It is important to fill out each section of this in the most detailed and accurate manner possible.

Pre-Investigation Background Questionnaire

This detailed questionnaire may supplement your Personal History Statement.

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