Frequently Asked Questions

Bakersfield Police Department
What should I wear for my testing?

Part of the hiring process is the constant evaluation of applicants. From the day you pick up or turn in any paperwork, to your physical agility, to various testing appointments, your conduct and interactions will be observed.

You should practice good hygiene, such as having clean fingernails. Your hair should be neat and professional in appearance.

Clean, professional business attire should be considered any time you make an appearance. Obviously, this isn’t the case for the physical agility test, where you should be wearing appropriate training clothing.

For the oral interview, you should wear a properly tailored suit, with shined shoes. Don’t wear outlandish ties or colors, or have any lapel pins or jewelry on which would cause a distraction.

How can i prepare for the written exam?

There are around 100 questions covering reading, writing, and logical reasoning on the written examination.

You will need to have excellent reading and writing skills, such as spelling, English comprehension, grammar and vocabulary.

We recommend you read articles, magazines, publications, and books and then quiz yourself later on in the day on items you read.

Practice writing without the use of spell-checking software or electronic devices.

There are several resources online to help people improve these skills. You should practice good hygiene, such as having clean fingernails. Your hair should be neat and professional in appearance.

Click here for a preparation guide and practice test

What does the background check entail?

The background investigation includes the completion of a Personal History Statement and Pre-Investigation Background Questionnaire. In addition, the background investigation includes:

  • Computer checks through local, state, and national databases
  • Credit Check
  • Live-scan fingerprinting
  • Meet with a background investigator
  • Participation in a polygraph examination
  • Submit required supporting documents (list will be provided during the testing process)

Click here for further selection process information

How do i prepare for the physical agility test?

The physical agility test is purposely designed to see how your body reacts and performs when completing high-intensity, short-duration skills and movements.

While lifting weights is excellent for building strength and toning a person’s physique, it does little to help you prepare your joints, muscles, and tendons for the physical agility test in terms of different movements and cardiovascular demands.

Any type of functional fitness workout, such as a boot camp, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or CrossFit style workout routine would be excellent to use in your preparation for the physical agility test. You should also be able to run a few miles in a reasonable amount of time.

How do I receive a copy of my Pellet B Scores I took with the City of Bakersfield?

You will receive your Official Pellet B Scores on City of Bakersfield letterhead within 30 days of test date. If outside of the 30 day time period please contact Human Resources to request a copy of official scores.

Can I give you my score for Agility from a different Agency?

The City currently administers its own agility examination. Please see information on how to get that scheduled on the website.

If I withdraw or fail an exam do I have to re-apply?
Yes, you will need to re-apply.
Can you take my scores from the last Agility I took with C.O.B.? If I passed do I have to re-take Agility?
Physical Agility Examination Scores are valid for 6 months.
How should I prepare for the oral interview?

During the interview, we’re going to ask questions about you as a person, as well as questions pertaining to why you want to work for us, and the skills you possess. Scenario-based questions may also be asked to help assess suitability for the position.

We’re also going to see how well you have prepared, and your specific desire to work at the Bakersfield Police Department. What do you know about our department? Who is our leadership team? What’s the population, square mileage, and ethnicity of our community?

The interview panel will also be looking at your attire, your hygiene, and how you handle yourself in the interview. Are you confident or reserved? Are you arrogant or militant? Can you speak confidently, or are you scared and intimidated?

What are the top reasons people fail?

There are a number of reasons why people fail, but the top reasons are typically:

Dishonesty – Either omitting or failing to disclose anything on paperwork or verbally will always cause a disqualification.
Attention To Detail – Not fully completing paperwork or caring about personal appearance.
Not Meeting Obligations – Arriving late or forgetting appointments.
Lack Of Soft Skills – Unable to shake hands, make eye contact or finish a sentence.

do you check social media activity?

We will view your online activities, as this is a good way for us to see how you conduct yourself in life.

We want to know answers to questions like: Are you hostile or confrontational with people expressing different opinions? Do you bully people online? Who are your friends or followers? What do you like to do or not like to do?

In today’s climate, social media can reveal a great deal about a person. If you exercise good judgment, display a positive attitude, and behave in a manner consistent with our values of compassion, accountability, and professionalism, your social media activities will be viewed favorably.

Can I submit my DD214 ?
The DD214 must be submitted prior to the application filing deadline.
How does DD214 work, do I get points for every examination?

Veterans who have obtained a passing grade of at least 70% in all segments of an examination for entrance employment shall be allowed an additional credit of five (5) points. For more information on Veteran’s Preference Points please review the Bakersfield Police Department Civil Service Rules.

How do I change my email address?

Log into your Government Jobs profile and update your information. If you have already applied for the recruitment need to make updates please contact Human Resources.

How do I get my Agility score? Where did I “rank”?
The Agility Exam is Pass/Fail as long as you achieve the minimum passing score in each exercise.
I’m taking the Pellet-B at (another agency) the week before. Can I take it with COB as well?

POST Guidelines state the Pellet B exam can only be taken once every 30 days. Once you receive your scores taken with the other agency please contact Human Resources.

I changed my last name, how do I change with the City?

Please contact Human Resources.