Written Examination

Bakersfield Police Department

The written exam


The written test is one of the first steps in the recruiting process, and it is used to assess the understanding, retention, and interpretation abilities. Regularly reading blogs, books, and documents in the English language from a variety of sources and covering a wide range of topics is the best training you can offer yourself. Choosing content that is slightly more difficult than you are used to will cause the brain to start interpreting contextual cues, which is another aspect that will be included in the written exam.


There are several publicly accessible sites that include practice research materials, some of which are even free. The California P.O.S.T. (Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training) website has descriptions of the types of questions you may encounter, as well as a FAQ page with additional information. You should practice using some form of self-testing that allows you to go through multiple-choice options for spelling, grammar, and simple punctuation. Reading comprehension analysis is also needed, so practice materials should provide examples that enable you to read a selected text and then answer some relevant questions about it. Basic math skills, as well as a general understanding of how to read and orient yourself on a map, are also needed, so brushing up on these skills prior to the test date is recommended.


On the day of your exam, you’ll be given the required materials as well as guidance on how to fill out the test forms. Pay close attention to the directions! Make sure you’re filling in the proper lines with your responses, and if you have a question about something before the test begins, speak up and ask for clarification. Leave enough time to complete the test so that you can answer as many questions as possible. This may need you to miss one question in order to move on to the next, and then return to it later if you have more time. Before you return your paperwork, double-check that your name is on it!